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Our Services

Virgin Health Bank charges a one-off fee that covers the collection kit, all specialist transportation, testing, processing and the agreed period of storage. There are no on-going storage charges.

Family Banking – 25 years of storage - £1895

Family Banking means that all the stem cells collected from your baby's cord blood are stored for 25 years for your exclusive use.

Community Banking - 25 years of storage - £995

Community Banking is a way for you to keep a small amount of your baby's stem cells for your own family, but at the same time support your community and potentially contribute to saving someone else's life in the future.

Booking either service requires the payment of a £300 administration fee with the balance payable when the cord blood unit is sent for processing.

We cannot reuse an issued collection kit for anyone else once you have received it. This means that if you change your mind, or do not use the collection kit after you have received it, we must cover the cost of the collection kit and cannot refund the £300 booking fee.