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Step 5 Using

We've reached step 5 - the one we all hope your family will never need to use. However, stem cells can help some very ill people, so let's find out what could happen to those carefully stored units.

If you, a member of your family or anyone else could benefit from a cord blood stem cell transplant, the following will happen:

Your doctor will decide whether its appropriate to use stem cells that you may have banked for your family or whether cells will be required from a donor. It's crucial that the cells are a tissue match with the patient and if donated cells are required they will be searched for through a global stem cell transplantation registry. If the global registry finds a cord blood unit then arrangements will be made to make that available to the transplant centre. If one of the donated units stored at Virgin Health Bank or a unit of your own is suitable for the transplant we will liaise with the transplant centre and make all the necessary arrangements.

If you ever do require your banked unit for transplantation all you need to do is to contact us and we'll liaise with you and your doctor to make all the necessary arrangements.