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Step 1 Applying

We’re happy to start discussing cord blood banking and the choice of services we offer as early into your pregnancy as you would like but we recommend that you wait until after your 12-week scan before actually applying.

We’re here to provide information and answer your questions in a way that will empower you to make an informed decision about banking your baby's cord blood stem cells. Ideally, you should have at least one month left before your due date as its best not to rush your decision, there's some important paperwork to be completed and we need to make sure you have the collection kit in time for your baby's birth.

Once you've decided to join Virgin Health Bank one of our knowledgeable and friendly Customer Advisors will help you through the process. The initial parts of your application can be sorted out on the phone - we'll talk you through the process involved in arranging your collection, and explain what happens next.

An initial deposit is required prior to us sending you some paperwork to fill in and sign followed by the all-important collection kit.

No further fees are charged until your baby's umbilical cord blood has been successfully collected and returned to us.

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